TangoJam.com – good bye

Sadly, I have to report that effective immediately TangoJam.com website is closed.  The website been in a state of progressive decay for years now, and with the new European regulations on data privacy the work the site requires has accumulated beyond our resources.

While TangoJam.com, doesn’t generate any revenue for Tanguero Inc, we saw it as an important public service.  It has been a great way to help aspiring musicians worldwide get the resources they need to learn to play argentine tango.  But, we haven’t been able to direct any resources to maintaining the site and so it has grown old.  TangoJam.com hasn’t had a major revision in nearly 8 years.  The platform it runs on is out of date.  Users have trouble registering.  No scores have been added in an embarrassingly long time.

It is possible that tangojam.com could be reincarnated, but it would take a group of volunteers with the right skills to build a new site that:

  • creates a tango file sharing space that at least
    • is community curated
    • ensures a high standard of content
    • complies with all data regulations including GDRP and DMCA
  • Community curated means the site
    • encourages the community to upload files
    • provides a protections for copyright holders and new content creators
    • allows the community to tag, flag, and file content
    • allows linking to outside content such as youtube videos
    • incorporate a mechanism for sharing content with sites like tango.info (API?)
  • meets GDRP data regulation standards

If you are interested in working on this project please contact me at [email protected].  If there is enough interest, and at least one leader with experience in opensource or volunteer based software development I’ll work to organize the group and get tangojam.com back online.

For now, its good bye while we work on bring #moretango to the world in other more sustainable ways.  Thanks for spending the last 13 years with us.

13 thoughts on “TangoJam.com – good bye

  1. Philippe GIBERT says:

    just a shame ! tango should bring people together – to hell with politician & money maker regulations ! hope tango jam does come back to life – thanx to the whole team and long life tango !

  2. Matias Alejandro Picciano Arra says:

    me dio mucha bronca y tristeza , gracias a esta pagina pude conseguir mucho material que como bandoneonista en el extranjero es realmente dificultoso conseguir
    simplemente les doy las gracias y como los demas espero que vuelvan pronto!

  3. osvaldo alcuaz says:

    es un atropello que se cierre algo tan preciado para los tangueros aficionados. He sacado mumuchos arreglos para el fueye. Que pena . Espero que pronto regresen. Un abrazo TANGUERO

  4. Fernando Iborra says:

    Sin ninguna duda es un atentado a la cultura. Era una pagina de enorme ayuda para estudiantes de musica, a mi particularmente me ha sido de mucha utilidad, he bajado unas cuantas partituras con arreglos para Bandoneon, lamento mucho esta perdida. Quedo a disposicion de los creadores de la pagina para lo que necesiten. Un abrazo
    Fernando Iborra

  5. Luis Nolasco says:

    que lástima… Alguien sabe donde puedo conseguir arreglos de acompañamientos para cantantes con orquesta típica?

  6. Kace Ong says:

    Hi Ben, sounds like you do have a plan and is waiting for volunteers… if yes please keep me in your loop. I would be happy to participate.

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