Comme il Faut - Editable Sheet Music for Tango Orchestra


This download includes:

  • Pdf file of the full score and parts for a tango orchestra with 3 violins, viola, cello, 3 bandoneones, piano, and bass.
  • An editable music xml file that can be imported into MuseScore or Finale
  • An editable Sibelius 6 file

Listen to the Synthesized Score

Below you can hear a synthesized rendering of the score thanks to Sibelius.   The performance wont put any musicians out of business, but it will let you hear the detail present in the files.

As Performed by Cuarteto Tanguero

This arrangement was used as the material to create the Cuarteto Tanguero live on WFIU’s Classical Music with George Walker.

Listen to the the track on Sound Cloud or on Cuarteto Tanguero’s debut CD “La Marca de Fuego


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