"Guapeando" by Cuarteto Tanguero



Cuarteto Tanguero’s new CD, Guapeando.

Track Listing:

  1. Patetico
  2. Chique
  3. Negracha
  4. La Yumba
  5. Mi Buenos Aires
  6. Ella es así
  7. Arrabalera
  8. Guapeando
  9. Cordón de oro
  10. Milongueando en el cuarenta
  11. Cachirulo

About the CD:

Cuarteto Tanguero’s new tango CD, Guapeando, is available for Pre-Order and you name the price (at least cover our shipping)!  Worldwide shipping is included.

This recording shares our passion for Argentine tango. At a milonga (tango dance), tango couples dance together for the duration of a tanda (usually four songs), which allows them time to get to know each other. This CD can be used at small tango parties as dance music, or for listening, as it contains beloved traditional tango classics.

Ben Bogart, bandoneón
Daniel Stein, violín
Winnie Cheung, piano
Matt McConahay, contrabajo

New tango recordings are vital:

8 reviews for “Guapeando” by Cuarteto Tanguero

  1. Ed

    Awesome CD! You guys keep getting better!

  2. Doug Reuhl (verified owner)

    A wonderful Tango orchestra for Tango dancers. We are lucky to have such talented musicians!

  3. JL (verified owner)

    Wonderful music for listening and dancing played extremely talented Tango musicians.

  4. Beberdick Wolfgang (verified owner)

    A very nice compilation of famous Tangos and Milongas performed in an own way. Thank you!

  5. Daniel Guzmán

    Perfect to play in the milonga

  6. Bryan Howieson

    Great album. I can’t wait for the next CD!!

  7. MarkJV (verified owner)

    Great CD, professional orchestra playing what is commonly referred to as Golden Age Tango. It works for dancing and listening. This is beautiful music, well worth the time to give it active listening as opposed to passive listening. This orchestra and genre of music should be considered as an art that ranks high on the list for support. I ended up buying a number of this CD for gifts that others might enjoy. Consider yourself lucky if able to see this orchestra live.

  8. Ross (verified owner)

    I love this album. Brilliant playing!

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